Canine Castaways Rescue, Inc. does help with owner surrenders when able. However, we are consistently very full, like all other rescues and shelters.

!! FAQS !!

  • If you have an emergency situation that requires you to surrender your pet immediately, we recommend consulting with your nearest city/county shelter to arrange the surrender
  • Most of the time, the delay in helping with owner surrendered dogs, is due to lack of kennel space and/or open foster homes. If you are willing to keep your dog as long as it takes for a new home to be found, we may be able to assist quicker
  • The usual timeframe it takes for us to be able to take in an owner surrendered dog is 1-2 months. If the dog is not good with other dogs, it may take longer to find a suitable space to keep it.
  • If the dog being surrendered requires medical attention, we have to consider what we can afford, as we rely solely on donations, and get no government funding. If you are able to donate any amount to the rescue to go towards the care of the dog you are surrendering, that may also assist us in being able to help the dog quicker.
  • Canine Castaways Rescue, Inc. makes no guarantees that by requesting to surrender, we will be able to take the dog in. We may decline to take in any dog for any number of reasons. All surrender requests will be reviewed, and intake capability will be determined on a case by case basis.

If you have read the above, and feel that the best option for you at this time is to submit a surrender request to our rescue, you may do so here:

Owner Surrender Requests